About Us: FAQs

Here's a selection of questions we're asked frequently. If your question isn't here, please free to contact us for a personal response.


Here's a selection of questions we're often asked about Tender Success. If your question isn't here, please contact us for a personal response.

Q: What does Tender Success do?

Tender Success is a boutique consultancy, made up of professionals that specialise in developing winning tender submissions. In real terms, that means we can help you with strategy, project management & visual design, or with managing the entire submission process. You can read more about our approach by clicking here.

Q: What can Tender Success do for me?

Our specialists may help you:

  • Build your ability to manage the entire submission process
  • Help you devise a Bid/No-Bid strategy for your business
  • Assist you to develop a Proposal Management Process
  • Build your library of quality 're-use' material
  • Give your documents visual punch, clarity and legibility
  • Grow your negotiation skills

To add to the list, Contact us for an initial consultation.

Q: How much does it cost?

Every submission is different. However, we use an open-book price tariff and always try to provide at least indicative costings up front. We're happy to talk specifics, once we know the scope of your tender project.

Q: How does Tender Success differ from other consultancies?

In at least three ways:

  • We're tender specialists: Tender Success only work with tender submissions, proposals and pitches.
  • We offer bespoke services: we tailor our offer to both your organisation's needs and to the size and value of the bid.
  • We believe in skills transfer: we focus on building your in-house tender capability, leaving you better prepared to tackle future submissions yourself.

Q: Does Tender Success offer a success guarantee?

Whilst we'd love to offer a 100% success rate, that's simply not realistic. Whilst we can't guarantee that any individual submission will win, our consultants will draw on an impressive track record and highly specialised skills to help you create a well-organised, powerfully-written, visually appealing submission. Those are the kind that usually do win.

Q: What about intellectual property? Who owns the final product?

You do. During a typical project, our consultants will deliver templates, content, matrices, diagrams, figures and documents. Much of this will have considerable value beyond the tender submission. Aside from any licensed material, this will all become your intellectual property to use as you deem appropriate.

Q: Can I use Tender Success for just a part of the JOB?

Absolutely. Our flexible, bespoke approach is scalable to the size, value and impact of your submission.

Q: CAN Tender Success train my staff?

Yes. Our consultants aim to transfer expertise with every client engagement, and we also offer formal workshops along with coaching & mentoring services. If you'd prefer bespoke one-on-one or classroom training, contact us to arrange an initial consultation.