Services: Presentations

Bidding for business goes beyond written documents, requiring in-person presentations. Tender Success can coach you to sharpen your public speaking skills and enhance your slide-pack.


  • Our consultants employ the same strategic thinking behind bid-winning tenders to enhance presentations, pitches and demonstrations.
  • Our principals are certified trainers and skilled presenters who have led public speaking courses.
  • Our skilled designers have developed bespoke, professional PowerPoint templates and graphics for multi-million dollar pitches.
  • Our engagement model is very flexible: our consultants are happy to provide high level suggestions, edit your slides or even appear alongside you for the actual presentation.

Increasingly, organisations request that tenderers supplement their documents with presentations. Opportunities such as pitches, product demonstrations, panel interviews and site visits are enormously important strategically:

  • They provide a preview of how the supplier / buyer relationship will function in the future
  • They allow for an interactive exchange of information - away from the 'script' of the RFT
  • They give you an opportunity to expose senior decision-makers to your brand, products and service offerings - whatever the final decision

Despite their importance, however, presentations are often feared and misunderstood. Tender Success offers a variety of presentation consulting services that will prepare you to make the most of these crucial opportunities, and dramatically reduce your stress as a result.


  • Presentation Strategy: We'll help you maintain a benefit-rich, prospect-centric mindset when developing your outline / slides.
  • Coaching: We can help you hone your presenting skills with practice sessions and public speaking tips.
  • Graphics: We'll develop a professional template full of high quality graphics.

1. Presentation Strategy

Many presenters fall into the trap of using a presentation to talk about themselves. However, a business-winning presentation must persuade and motivate the audience. To reach that goal, Tender Success will help you explore questions such as:
  • Who are we speaking to - and what are their hot buttons?
  • What motivates their buying decisions?
  • What kind of politics might exist in the room? How can we use this to our advantage?
  • How can we ensure our messages are focused on the benefits we can deliver?
In fact, our consultants will work with you to develop an outline which is based on the same careful strategic thinking that informs business-winning tender responses.

2. Public Speaking

Standing in a room full of people can be a terrifying prospect for some people. And yet, ultimately, people buy people - regardless of the size of the contract. So connecting with decision makers on a personal level is vitally important.

Our trained consultants assist presenters like you by:

  • Coaching you on speaking, eye contact and body language. Our principal consultants are trained public speakers and certified trainers.
  • Helping you to develop a simple, powerful outline that will allow you to communicate freely and to be personable and flexible.
  • Overseeing rehearsals where we simulate the presentation realistically. Using role play, we can assess your skills and provide practical suggestions on areas of improvement.
  • Joining your team for the actual presentation and presenting some or all of your material on your behalf if required.

3. Proper, Powerful Powerpoint

When used effectively, PowerPoint (or Apple's Keynote) can be a remarkably powerful tool. It can add impact to your key messages and simplify complex concepts by presenting them visually. However, PowerPoint is frequently misused - to damaging effect.

Tender Success will help you ensure that your slide pack enhances your presentations by:

  • Editing your slides for clarity and brevity so that they accord with PowerPoint 'best practice'
  • Developing a powerful brand-compliant template for your presentation
  • Creating professional graphics and diagrams that will enhance your spoken messages

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*source: CSK Management / APMP "The Big Proposal Management Survey 2008/2009"