Tender & Proposal Visual Design

Design isn't decoration. It's thinking made visual. Tender submissions present a unique challenge: Pitch convincingly AND clearly convey detail. Graphics help you do both.


  • Visual Design affects the way prospects view your company
  • Illustrations, infographics, figures & charts sell powerfully using emotion
  • Graphics and templates we create become your property for future reuse

Often, a submission document is a prospect's first touch-point with your organisation. The pages must convey the strength of your offer and your ability to deliver.

Careful use of graphics can affect:

  • Whether you make the shortlist or not
  • How many of your key messages are absorbed
  • The overall impression you give your prospect

Images are an essential element of persuasion: words will appeal to logic, but pictures convince with emotion. A striking figure, presented well can encapsulate an entire chapter. Carefully composed info-graphics can simplify complicated detail. And attractive, arresting diagrams and figures convey the essence of your offer - even to the busy skim-reader.

Our experts specialise in creating clear, compelling submissions that win more tenders more often. And experience has demonstrated that graphically-rich proposals and tender responses win significantly more business.

What Types of Graphics Help to Win Tenders?

Newspapers and magazine layouts are designed with the reader in mind: they are easy to read, digest and navigate. Tenders must have the same qualities.

A professionally-designed document lets the reader easily absorb your key messages and find specific information quickly. The thinking behind the layout of a submission speaks volumes about your company's professionalism.

Images, Graphics & Charts

  • Diagrams and Models: Processes, project phases and holistic models are often best described using bold graphical representations.
  • Charts: Concise, clear charts and tables present statistical evidence convincingly.
  • Photographs: Help to bring life to a benefit, feature or offer whether taken professionally or chosen carefully from a stock image library.

How Will Tender Success Develop Your Graphics?

  • From a Rough Sketch (Below): Provide a 'back of an envelope' rough and our designers will develop the concept into professionally-finished artwork.
graphics egs sketch
  • From Existing Graphics (Below): Many companies already have graphics for internal use. These can be polished and repurposed professionally for inclusion in your submission.
graphics egs reworked
  • From Your Written Content (Below): We can develop initial sketches from your written content, which can then be developed into finished artwork.
graphics egs written
  • Using Photographs (Below): Use one of our two freelance professional photographers to shoot your products, staff or premises. Or let us source professional library images on your behalf.
graphics eg photos

Why Use Tender Success?

  • Our designers have years of real-world, tender-specific, corporate experience.
  • You supply the raw content as Word files or rough sketches, our consultants generate stunning finished tender graphics.
  • Reuse the illustrations, charts and graphics we create for you for future tenders or anywhere else in your organisation.

Contact Tender Success to talk about making your next submission as graphically-rich and persuasive as possible.