9th Jul 2010

Tender Writing

The language of winning tenders and proposals is accurate, persuasive and easy for the reviewer to digest. The tips and suggestions in these articles will help you improve the words you use and choose.

Exec Summaries

A well-written Executive Summary is a two-edged sword – it can serve to engage and excite the client and inspire and guide your internal tender response team.


Successful tenders and proposals borrow much from the world of advertising. An AIDA flow can ensure your submissions hit the spot

Pyramid Principle

"The problem [with writing] is not so much to get the language right as to get the thinking clear"

Old school lesson

Nothing is more frustrating or annoying for an evaluator than searching for a response in a tsunami of words. It takes discipline, but reading and analysing the questions carefully and responding to them succinctly will win the clients favour every time

Free Your Content By Boxing It In

We don't often link constraint with creativity. But boundaries are rocket fuel for a struggling tender content writer. And it's all about tennis.

Version Control

Many clients report Document Version Control grief at some point in most tender responses; usually when time is critical and tempers are frayed.