Layout & Graphics Articles

The very best bids and proposals master the use of graphics and document layouts. These articles explore ways you can improve your win rates by employing better practice.

Four Steps Towards Print Perfection

Despite the rise of electronic tendering, high-value bids are still mostly paper affairs. How can you ensure your submission looks a million dollars?

Document Design: Word or InDesign?

Not every tender document needs to look a million dollars. But a proposal worth that much might. Should you use InDesign?

Caption Attraction Makes Your Offer Irresistible

Don't allow highly valuable page real estate to go to waste. Captions create opportunities to tell AND sell.

7 Ways to Skim Proof Your Documents

Time-poor reviewers wont read every inch of your proposal. So how can you ensure they absorb the key messages that influence their decision? Skim-proof your document!

6 Ways a Professional Tender Layout Can Win You More Business

A professionally-designed tender response can increase your chances of winning, reduce stress and give you valuable time back.

Winning by Design with Document Layout Essentials

The best proposals won't win if they aren't read. If your tender preparation looks inviting and professional it goes to the top of the pile. Along with your chances of winning.

5 Tips To Ensure You Never Lose Your Reader

"You Are Here". Three words that turn a sprawling city map into your best friend. Writers of successful tenders know that making documents easy to navigate puts the prospect at ease and creates a positive buying atmosphere.

The Science of Legibility: Type That Enhances Your Bid

The messenger is as important as the message. Making your response as easy to read as possible is an essential skill.