9th May 2013


A strategic approach to tender responses is essential today. These articles explore ways to improve your overall approach to competitive bidding.

Capture Management

Would you marry someone without first going on a date? Would you go into business with someone without knowing them and trusting them first? Why capture planning is essential for your business.

Getting to No

It may seem counter-intuitive, but sometimes choosing No-Bid can be best for your business. But how do you get to 'No' when your heart says 'Yes'?

Kickoff Meetings

The way you start the tender response process will determine the way you finish it. It may sound simple, but a well-executed Kick-off meeting can set the tone for the entire response process.

Value for Money

You truly believe that your product or service meets all criteria and client expectation and epitomises value for money. Your pricing is sharp, your offer compelling or so you think! But how will government bureaucrats evaluate your tender response?

Pricing: The Forgotten Competitive Opportunity

Pricing is often viewed as a dreadful number-crunching exercise. However, having the right approach to pricing can delight a prospect, differentiate your offer and deliver desired margins.

Capture Planning

Lewis Carroll put it eloquently in Alice in Wonderland: "If you don't know where you're going, any road will get you there". When it comes to tendering, will any customer do? Or are your chances of success more closely linked with careful targeting?

Health Check

Love or loathe them, responding to tenders is like holding a mirror to your business. A positive approach can be the key to management and performance improvements.


When it comes to the success of any project, there is no substitute for careful planning. Proper preparation really does prevent poor performance. And, there are hidden benefits.


Government evaluation panels sink hours into reading our tender submissions. What impresses them about a response? And what turns them off? We peek behind the curtain.


Many factors determine your success or failure when preparing a tender response. As with courtship and marriage, there are no 'magic' formulas. But ignoring the importance of a trusted existing relationship may spell disaster.

Tender Consultants

Some love 'em and some hate 'em. But consultants can be worth their weight in gold, providing you with valuable expertise and additional resources when you're under pressure.

Bid NoBid

Can you really afford to pick and choose your customers? Can you really afford not to?

Evaluation Criteria

Evaluation criteria are frequently used by those responding to tenders as a checklist after the tender response has been written. In fact, they should drive your content development.