Services: Bid Writing, Editing & Proofing

Words are the lifeblood of every competitive response. Choosing them wisely will help your prospect visualise a successful future: one where the benefits of your solution meet their needs and improve their business.


  • Your responses will position you as a professional player
  • Your prospects will clearly see the benefits of your solution in meeting their needs
  • Readable, engaging documents make the shortlist more often
  • Most of the content developed can be reused in future

Developing persuasive writing isn't easy. Typically, it involves breathing life into facts, data and evidence in a clear and convincing way. It may take time and effort to do it properly but the results are worth it.

Writing a business-winning tender involves ensuring your proposal:

  • Is easy to read
  • Focuses on the prospect
  • Showcases benefits linked to features
  • Contains consistent, unambiguous language free of errors, and
  • Has a single, professional tone of voice

A poorly written response, however:

  • Is complex, overly long and difficult to read
  • Focuses on the tenderer
  • Details features & services but not benefits
  • Contains inconsistencies and errors
  • Comprises a jumble of different writing styles

Of course, most tenderers are not professional writers. In fact, many must balance content creation with 'business as usual'. Additionally, written content will often come from subject matter experts or previous submissions and requires considerable re-engineering.

If you haven't got the time or in-house capabilities to do justice to your offer, Tender Success can help you wordsmith your response.

How Can Tender Success Help You?

Our consultants are professional writers. They've been crafting convincing copy for decades for Australian companies in various industries. Our services include:

  • Writing: You might simply need to have a punchy, convincing Executive Summary crafted. Or it might be an entire response. Our writers can develop content from the ground-up, drawing on input from interviews or your organisation's existing documents. And if policies and procedures need to be written to satisfy a response, we can create them too.
  • Editing: One of our mottos is "The writing is in the re-writing". Our experts can take the raw content from your subject matter experts and transform it into clear, convincing responses. Along the way, we'll ensure that the writing shines by making skillful use of subheadings, pull quotes, action captions and bullets.
  • Proofing: Perhaps you just need a fresh pair of eyes or a document 'sanity check'? Our tender experts are proficient in proofing documents for inconsistencies, grammatical errors and readability.

Why Use Tender Success?

  • We've developed winning tender responses since 1989, and we still love doing it.
  • Our consultants are excellent tender writers with backgrounds in both business writing and advertising copy-writing.
  • We use the left AND right brain to write: a blend of precision and fresh creativity.
  • Our flexible engagement model means you can use us as much or as little as you like.
  • Everything we create for you becomes yours, meaning you can use our content for future submissions - or in other company literature.
Contact Tender Success to discuss your tender and proposal writing requirements.