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Getting to No Strategy: Getting to No

It may seem counter-intuitive, but sometimes choosing No-Bid can be best for your business. But how do you get to 'No' when your heart says 'Yes'? (More...)

Tentative about Tendering Tender Development: Tentative about Tendering?

Why not take a different approach? If you consider tendering an opportunity to 'raise the bar' or 'lift your game' the benefits may improve your business performance, let alone your win rate. (More...)

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About Us: Our Tender Services Approach

our approachKey Points

  • Flexible, made-to-measure service, tailored to the needs of your business
  • A 'Skills Transfer' mindset that builds your in-house capabilities
  • A reputation that relies on delivering real, tangible results to your business

We're a tender-only, boutique consultancy. Our flexible approach means we can focus on transferring skills and building real business benefits whilst winning more contracts in Australia.

With Tender Success On Your Side of the Bid:

  • Your bids will rise above the others with our class-leading writing, design & graphics. And so will your win rate.
  • You get to tap in to a dedicated team of tender experts to use when and how you want.
  • Your Organisation becomes tender & proposal 'match fit' with our help, helping you prepare for future tenders.
  • You'll extend and enhance your bid team's current skills, tools & templates.

A Boutique Consultancy

Tender Success consultants have years of experience working in varying capacities, adapting to individual client needs as required. As a boutique consultancy working only with government and private sector tenders and proposals, Tender Success provides a bespoke service that takes into account the specific needs and drivers of your business.

A Bespoke Engagement Model

Tender Success offers a range of services, tailored to your specific needs:

  • We can provide total project management of a tender response.
  • We offer strategic consulting services to address RFT, stakeholder & competitor analyses, Bid / No-Bid assessment and SWOT analysis, often adopting a watching brief and participating in project meetings.
  • We underpin this approach with sound project management processes, tools and templates to ensure that the project remains on track and that all aspects of the tender response are captured and managed.
  • Occasionally, Tender Success consultants are engaged as coaches & mentors to internal project staff or to simply review a Tender Response process to ensure compliance.

Our flexible approach means that you can determine the level of engagement as the potential tender value, internal skills availability and impact on 'business as usual' varies.

A Focus On Skills Transfer

Whatever the level of engagement, we'll always aim to give you tools, templates and processes that you can use for future tender submissions.

If you use tendering to attract new business, we'll try to assist you to develop your own in-house response capability. This includes implementing systems to ensure a library of up-to-date information is available to you for future submissions.

Helping You Stay 'Match Fit'

Financial information, capability statements, accreditations & certificates, style guides and graphics can sometimes go missing just when you need them most. We can help you create a simple system to manage these critical documents and keep them up-to-date for easy reference, removing unnecessary pressure and allowing your organisation to focus on specific responses, rather than creating documents 'on the run'.

Tender Success & You

Tender Success seeks long-term relationships with its clients, and we recognise that many of our clients are referred directly to us. Our approach, then, is to ensure that every time we engage with one of our clients, we focus on delivering business benefits. That way, our clients benefit and our reputation in the marketplace builds.

Contact Tender Success to talk about how we can help you approach your next submission successfully.

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